Careers & Skills

Gain Analytical, Technical, & Leadership Skills for Effective Public Management

Learn career-enhancing public management skills in:

  • Budgeting and finance
  • Economic and political processes
  • Ethics
  • Organizational behavior and management
  • Performance management
  • Policy analysis
  • Program evaluation
  • Research methods and design

Launch or Advance Your Career in Public Administration

Our graduates are prepared for careers in:

  • Administration and finance
  • Criminal justice
  • Economic development
  • Educational administration planning
  • Environmental management
  • Health care management
  • Housing affairs
  • Human resource management
  • Information technology
  • Labor management
  • Transportation
  • Urban affairs

. . . and many others

Learning Outcomes in Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration at the University of Massachusetts Boston fosters highly-competent, active, and ethical professionals with a:

  • Holistic understanding of the political, social, technological, and economic factors that influence the development and implementation of public policies
  • Firm knowledge of the range of methodologies appropriate to policy analysis and program evaluation
  • Solid grounding in the skills required for planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating public sector programs

Graduates will:

  • Contribute to society as leaders, public administrators, policy analysts, and program evaluators in the governmental and nonprofit sectors to advance an efficient and effective public sector
  • Serve the public good and promote the public value, social justice, and equity in local, regional, and national communities

Helpful Links on Careers in Public Administration
50 Awesome Things You Can Do with a MPA Degree

City or Town Government

  • Budget Analyst
  • Chief of Policy and Planning
  • City Councilor
  • Deputy Director, Division of Planning and Development
  • Director of Community Services
  • Executive Director, Housing Authority

Federal Government

  • Civil Rights Analyst
  • Congressional District Director
  • Director, Issues Management and Technology Policy
  • Lieutenant, U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Officer
  • Senior Deputy Director, Planning and Budget

State Agencies

  • Director of Policy Development, Department of Mental Health
  • Deputy Commissioner for Long Term Care Supports
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Permit Administrator, Department of Environmental Protection
  • Regional Planner, Bureau of Waste Site Clean-up
  • Welfare to Work Consultant

State Government

  • Assistant Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director of Public Education
  • Executive Director, Office of Refugees and Immigrants
  • Legislative Director
  • State Representative

Criminal Justice

  • Attorney
  • Chief of Police
  • Executive Assistant to District Attorney
  • Investigator/Advocate
  • Probation Officer
  • Supervisor, Massachusetts Environmental Police

Education or Educational Administration

  • Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Budget Director
  • Dean
  • Director, Office of Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Social Studies Teacher

Health Care

  • Assistant Director of Revenue
  • Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs
  • Director of Health Access Programs
  • Manager of Training and Quality Assurance
  • Policy Analyst
  • Quality Coordinator

Nonprofit Sector

  • Director of Administration and Finance
  • Director of Housing Development
  • Director of Operations
  • Government Relations Manager
  • Public Policy Director
  • Senior Analyst for Disability Programs

Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs

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