SCHOLARSHIPS! © Graduate Debt Free: Christian College Benefits


  • SCHOLARSHIPS! Are you a busy adult desiring a focus driven degree program tailored to your expertise?
  • YES!
  • Great! That’s where we come in. Evangelical Alumni Foundation’s  has designed a focus driven degree program funded fully by the faculty in our executive management education department. 
  • Candidacy for our college scholarship are required to email us a 600 word executive summary about their goals for the future as an Entrepreneur if they had the best focus driven degree and support for a new small business start-up.
  • Entry dates: April 8, 2019 – November 24, 2019
  • LET’S GET YOU STARTED TODAY! Contact: 215 – 914 – 5528 or
  • Email: or visit our extension online college campuses:
  • Evangelical Alumni Foundation Center For Entrepreneurship
  • Evangelical Alumni College OF Healthcare Executives



Published by: Eaugrads

Evangelical Alumni Foundation seeks to fulfill "The Great Commandment and The Great Commission" to GOD's great economy. Each of us has great purpose as Sons of God. We are many in one body. Together, we are firmly planted by streams of water to bear fruits in all seasons. We shall not lack no good thing. Deuteronomy 1:11 God's Spiritual Billionaire's! Brief about our founder of Eaugrads: "JESUS"... "His pursuit of us is Relentless, His desire to Fight on our behalf is never ending; Despite the day to day distractions, designed to stop us from reaching our destinies, we can be sure of this... what God starts; He Finishes." Amen! Ministered By Tanya Harris, LLD

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